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We are proud to announce the launch our very own school website.  The site is managed by us for the benefit of our learners and learners from other schools who may choose to use our bank of invaluable resources.

We are in the midst of a technological revolution and we therefore felt that in order not to compromise the future of our learners we had to take this bold and positive step of embracing technology and hopefully move towards a fully integrated e-learning system combined with our traditional approach. The teacher we believe is indispensible and will always form an integral part of all teaching and learning systems. 

Our Website is not a conventional website like those of most institutions, but a platform that is packed with resources for the learners, links to resources that have been carefully selected and incorporated, Past Year papers, Capps Syllabus, and more importantly the PODCASTS which includes video aids for practically every topic that is covered in the curricullum.  All this makes our site a powerhouse for effective learning.

With the accessibility of practically all the resources, parents can play a significant role in their childs education. Our teachers will be uploading all class material onto the site including tests, assignments and supplementary notes so that learners can access these in the comfort of their homes.

The site has been designed such that it is compatible with all the popular browsers and more importantly it is accessible via any Blackberry or Smart Phone.  This is an important consideration as statistics show that more and more people worldwide are using their phones to access to the internet as opposed to the conventional PC's and Laptops.

Our leaners will also have access to professional online tutors for all the key subjects.  Learners will be able to post their questions via the forum and the relevant tutor will respond the these queries.  Learners and other persons wishing to make a contribution can also respond to the questions up for discussion on the forum.

Our chatline is another special tool so that learners can have the benefit of group discussions with other learners from the comfort of their homes.  Learners can group-chat or chat individually at no additional cost.  

We have also included a HOTLINE which will allow anyone including th